Total solar eclipse, Nov 14 2012, Cairns

Total solar eclipses are an amazing experience and a great way to observe some aspects of the sun that are normally difficult to see.

A solar eclipse occurs where the moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, casting a shaddow on the earth.  In a total eclipse the whole of the Sun’s surface is blocked by the moon so features that are normally too dim to see against the brightness of the full sun become visible. Where an eclipse can be seen varies depending on the relative motions of the Sun, Moon and Earth, and moves over the earth’s surface as the Earth rotates. The path of the Nov 2012 eclipse crossed Queensland near Cairns.

Path of totality for the November 2012 Solar Eclipse, from

I have put some photos online – click the thumbnail below to get to the gallery.

Total solar eclipse, Cairns Nov 14 2012

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