National Health and Medical Research Council funding

We were thrilled to learn that our application to the NH&MRC for research funding has been successful.

 Prof Marilyn Renfree , Prof Geoffrey Shaw ,  A/Prof Andrew Pask, Emeritus Prof Jean Wilson, Doctor Hongshi Yu. Hypospadias and control of urethral closure $707,950

Hypospadias, the ectopic opening of the penile urethra, is a common defect in humans, affecting 1 in every 125 live males born in Victoria each year. However, the cause(s) of over two-thirds of these cases cannot be explained. Our studies using marsupials show that this process is mediated by 5alpha-androstanediol, a hormone with previously undetermined physiological function. This study will provide novel data on the interactions of the genes and hormones that result in defects of phallus development.

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