Research grant success: funding for 2012-2015

We have been fortunate to get funding for our application to the Australian Research council for 2013-2015:

DP130102103 Renfree, Prof Marilyn B; Shaw, Prof Geoff; Pask, Dr Andrew J; Suzuki, Dr Shunsuke; Ishino, Prof Fumitoshi.

Reprogramming maternal and paternal genomes during development: new perspectives from marsupials

Germ cells are the precursors of the eggs and sperm that carry the genes from one generation to the next, and all must undergo epigenetic reprogramming before a viable embryo can develop. Almost all of the information on how these enigmatic cells develop and differentiate comes from studies on the mouse. However, since marsupials and eutherian mammals diverged more than 160 million years ago, we have the opportunity to examine the evolution of genes and mechanisms controlling the role of genomic imprinting during mammalian germ cell development. This is of fundamental interest and has relevance for the development of embryonic germ stem cells, as well as for understanding the disease syndromes resulting from mis-regulated programming.

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